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June 26, 2013
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Canada's Delhi 2 Dublin keeps surprises coming

After seven years together, Delhi 2 Dublin still has a knack for surprising itself.

The members of the Canadian world music electronic band were recently listening to sample tracks they’d recorded when they unexpectedly realized that they had enough material to begin planning their next record.

“We were listening to scratch tracks in the van the other day, and we’ve got about 15 new songs,” Tarun Nayar told Lake Tahoe Action. “We realized we were working on a new album.”

Delhi 2 Dublin will play a free show June 27 at Crystal Bay Casino’s Crown Room. The group is Nayar (table, electronics), Sara Fitzpatrick (fiddle), Sanhay Seran (vocals), Andrew Kim (electric sitar, guitar) and Ravi Binning (dhol).

The band’s formation was another surprise to the members: they first played together for a one-time gig, unaware of the serious potential of the assembled lineup.

“We got together kind of as a happy accident in 2006,” Nayar said. “We were all coming together for a one-time performance at the Celtic Fest, the St. Patrick’s Day celebration up here in Vancouver.”

Caught off guard by the powerful audience reaction to this first gig, the members decided to continue working together and eventually quit other bands each was involved with, Nayar said. It wasn’t until the group prepared a demo CD however, that they really realized how potent the project was.

“About a year after that first show we were playing the Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival, up here in British Columbia and on a whim we decided to really quickly put together a demo CD of 3 or 4 tracks, our first attempt at recording anything.”

Anticipating only casual interest in the CD, the musicians brought between 50 and 100 copies to sell, Nayar said, only to sell out within 10 minutes.

“We had a talk that night about ‘ok, we’re a band,’” he said. “We realized that there were legs to this. A lot of musicians, myself included, spend their whole life looking for a project with legs, a project that works for itself, that people are really stoked about.

“It’s like meeting someone at a bus stop or something; you don’t expect that they’re going to be your partner for life.”

Combining a number of ethnic musical styles with the sensibilities of modern electronic music, Delhi 2 Dublin has developed a unique sound, gaining popularity worldwide.

“The sound is kind of a rambunctious mash up of Punjabi music, Irish music and electronic,” Nayar said.

Delhi 2 Dublin’s act has evolved over the years, in response to both fan feedback and the interests of the band members.

“We’re really driven by what works with our crowd,” Nayar said. “Our production has probably gotten better; things are probably a little more electronic than they used to be. Our live set has gotten way, way tighter.”

While Delhi 2 Dublin has begun work on its next album, the project is still in the initial planning phases with only a handful of songs finished, Nayar said. He also noted that this record will feature more fiddle than prior efforts.

“Our fiddle player Sara has taken more of a role in songwriting,” he said. “I think this album will represent her specific talents more than prior albums.”

Beyond work on the new album and upcoming tour dates in the U.S., the U.K. and India, Delhi to Dublin is looking forward to an upcoming surprise release.

“We have this sort of animated video thing coming out in September which we’re really stoked about and people who are really into us will be finding more about that in a very short period of time,” Nayar said. “I would just say that we’re more excited about this than we have been anything in awhile, if you’re curious, stay tuned.”

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