Truckee’s Unwind Salon welcomes new massage therapist |

Truckee’s Unwind Salon welcomes new massage therapist

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Jen Rubinstein

Originally from south Florida, and recently relocated from Oakland, Jen Rubinstein is a massage therapist and mixed media artist.

For the past 10 years she has helped clients resolve repetitive stress injuries, heal faster from injuries, and in general, feel better in their bodies.

Rubinstein specializes in Active Release Techniques, or ART, deep tissue, movement and mobility massage, and cranial sacral therapy. The active, dynamic work of the ART combined with the subtle, passive work of cranial sacral therapy helps to integrate the bodywork on a deeper, more profound and longer lasting level.

She is currently seeing clients at Unwind Salon, located at 12315 Deerfield Drive in Truckee.

When Rubinstein is not in her bodywork studio, she is usually in her art studio, making colorful, intricate, hand drawn, painted and mosaiced mandalas. A mandala in Sanskrit means "sacred circle," and is a symbol of wholeness and completion.

Watch for Artful Biker, an annual event that brings together art lovers and cycling enthusiasts, for which Rubinstein is currently developing plans.

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Rubinstein recently completed her Master's in Transformative Arts from John F. Kennedy University in Berkeley, Calif. Transformative Art is process-based art, meaning the focus is on the creative process more than the final, finished product. She believes people are all works of art in progress and movement is essential for life.

Rubinstein sees the human body as the ultimate work of art and believes that no matter what we do, we are constantly creating ourselves as the masterpiece of our lives.

Therefore we are the work of art, or what she likes to refer to as a "masterpiece in motion." She also offers individual instruction and small group mandala making classes, as well as commissioned personal healing mandalas.

Her next class offering is an eight-week mandala self-portrait class entitled "Journey Through Your Chakras" beginning in February.

When she is not making art or helping people, she is usually outside playing — Jen has completed three Ironman triathlons, loves to mountain bike, hike, trail run and simply be outside enjoying the mountains and lakes as much as possible.

For more information or to schedule an appointment visit or call 530-414-6771.

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