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Tahoe recipe: Vive la Mediterranean chicken

Simone Grandmain
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I know. This warm weather we are enjoying reminds you of those summer-lovin' sleepy days in St. Tropez. OK, make that the public pool at the local high school. But whether in the South of France or smack dab in the middle of the Sierra, this great Mediterranean-inspired creation flavored with olives, capers and fresh garlic will have you saying Merci and, who knows, maybe even going topless.

I use those colorful little red, yellow and orange peppers, roasted, as opposed to tomatoes, for a couple of reasons: 1) I am a sucker for those bags of mini peppers on sale everywhere and had to do something with them (They did not go over well hidden in lieu of Easter eggs); and 2) They just give the dish a more robust flavor and texture.

To roast the peppers, cut off the stem ends, slice them length-wise at least once and remove seeds. Sauté in olive oil and about two tablespoons of chopped garlic until soft and fragrant, about 15 minutes. Remove skillet and pour contests, oil and all, into a baking pan and bake at 400 degrees until peppers start to brown on edges, about 20 minutes. Remove from oven until ready to use. Bon Appetit!

Mediterranean Chicken

In gredients:

1 /2 an onion, coarsely chopped

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3 tbls. olive oil

1 tbls. chopped garlic

salt and pepper

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1 / 4 inch thick slices

1 / 4 cup tomato sauce or 2 tbls. tomato paste

1 / 4 cup chicken stock (from bouillon cube is fine.)

1 / 4 cup sliced green olives

4 tbls. capers

1 1 / 2 cups roasted red, yellow and orange peppers (or just red, no green)


In large skillet, sauté the onions in garlic and olive oil until onions are transparent. Remove onions from skillet to separate plate and set aside. Add chicken to hot skillet with a tablespoon of olive oil, and brown. Salt and pepper to taste while cooking. Add chicken broth to pan and cook chicken through, about ten minutes. Add tomato sauce and stir until blended. Add olives, peppers and capers. Stir and heat through. Serve over pasta or a large green salad.

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