Wedding | Nathan Isaac Tiras and Jillian Rowan Tiras |

Wedding | Nathan Isaac Tiras and Jillian Rowan Tiras

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The Hon. and Mrs. Alan Tiras are very pleased and proud to announce the marriage of their son, Nathan Isaac Tiras, to their new daughter, Jillian Rowan Tiras.

Nathan is the grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Tiras and Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hengst, all of Houston, Texas.

Jillian is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Rowan of Honolulu, Hawaii. Jillian is the granddaughter of Claire Tinney and the late William Gregg Rowan Jr. and Mrs. Annabel O'Leary and the late Frederick O'Leary, all from the greater Los Angeles area.

Nathan and Jillian were married on May 18, 2013, at The Walnut Grove in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Moorpark, California. The ceremony was followed by a delicious barbecue dinner and a fabulous night of dancing under the stars.

The couple met while attending the University of Southern California where Nathan was a trombone player and Jillian was a silk in The Greatest Marching Band In The History Of The Universe. Fight On!

Nathan and Jillian are both employed by Riot Games in Los Angeles.

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After a week long honeymoon in Cancun Mexico, Nathan and Jillian and their pet corgi, Penny, will make their new home in Brentwood California.

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