Truckee Invisible Fence dealer earns Perfect Start Plus Trainer certificate |

Truckee Invisible Fence dealer earns Perfect Start Plus Trainer certificate

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TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. — Invisible Fence Brand, a veterinarian recommended brand of pet management solutions, is pleased to announce the recent Perfect Start Plus Training certification of Invisible Fence of the Sierras dealership.

"The dealership trains Truckee area pets using the most advanced containment and avoidance pet training protocol that has been reviewed and approved by an esteemed panel of animal behaviorists, trainers, and veterinarians," said Georgia Welch, national training instructor, Invisible Fence Brand.

For 40 years, Invisible Fence Brand has led the electronic pet containment industry in innovative ways of training. Now, the brand offers an improved pet training protocol. Perfect Start Plus Training has been developed with animal behaviorists, trainers and veterinarians to maximize containment results and allow cats and dogs to learn their boundaries without fear or distress.

"Our customers rely on us for our expertise, so not only are we continually innovating our products, we are also enhancing our training skills and knowledge of animal behavior so that our customers feel confident knowing that their pets are safe and are trained the right way," said Ken Hopper, owner of Invisible Fence of the Sierras.

Every Certified Perfect Start Plus trainer has completed rigorous online training and testing designed by Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists, and has passed a hands-on evaluation of specific skills to implement Perfect Start Plus training protocol correctly.

The Perfect Start Plus Training Program is a systematic, customizable, and gentle approach consisting of four steps: Evaluate, Adjust, Practice, and Affirm.

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These training methods ensure the best possible results with cats and dogs of any breed, age, or size.

"The new pet training involves early evaluation, customization of the correction level based on pet's personality, boundary recognition, and positive reinforcement," Welch said. "Additionally, the training begins indoors to minimize distractions and fear."

The use of patented hardware to accurately gauge the absolute minimum intensity of the Computer Collar unit and exclusive behavior monitoring features allow for timely and appropriate adjustment of the correction level. The feature of an audible tone makes it both predictable and avoidable, allowing the pets themselves to limit (or eliminate) any stimulation.

Invisible Fence of the Sierras can be reached by calling 530-550-9753 or emailing

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