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62 Incline seniors students bid farewell to high school

Margaret Moran

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — Your life journey is just beginning.

With that concept in mind, many speakers at the Incline High School graduation ceremony on June 13 offered words of advice to the 62 graduates embarking on life after high school.

"Take this moment, for it is just the beginning of your journey ahead," said IHS Principal Stacey Cooper, after reciting Robert Frost's "The Road not Taken." "So I leave you with this last thought: Are you daring to take that journey? Are you going to take the road less traveled?"

Going forward, Ginetta Sagan, 2012-13 class vice president, mentioned how decisions made now can impact one's future.

"In this fragile period of our lives — although tremendously young — we are now faced with new found obstacles far more daunting than ever before," she said. "We begin realizing how futile it is to live life caring about how others perceive you and begin understanding how important it is to earn the respect of yourself.

"… Class of 2013, find what's important to you, strive to be the best at it, and remember to always be humble and grateful for what you can already do."

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Sophie Breider, 2012-13 student body president, said graduates should savor their journey — whatever it may end up being — for there is no rush to get to the end.

"As we all move onto our varying enterprises, I hope to remind you of my mother's advice: We all have a great deal of life before us, and it will surely be easy to speed ahead in careers, families and whatever else maturity has in store for us," she said. "But as we sit here now, readying ourselves to leave the comfort of home in exchange for the unknown, I caution you all to take your time."

Valedictorian Jordan Jones also advised the class of 2013 to remain open-minded.

"What makes our school special is not the individuals with exceptional intelligence, ambition or talent, but the wide range of outlooks and ideas," she said. "I hope we can all take that ability to learn from reality beyond the school as we go off in this big, unfamiliar world because there is no skill as important as the ability to relate to others, to understand and accept."

Soon after Jones' speech, graduates accepted their diplomas before family, friends, faculty and Washoe County School District administrators in the school's packed school gym.

"Most of us will be leaving Incline Village very soon," said salutatorian Kayla Goldberg. "However, regardless of where we go, we will always carry our hometown with us. Being from Incline has made a significant impact on our lives. Being from Incline has made us who we are today.

"We are now faced with the future, the opportunity to explore new places and do new things, but through our journeys there will always be a small part of Incline with us, and for that, I will be eternally grateful."

By the numbers

Total of Incline High graduates: 62

Estimated students entering two- and four-year colleges: 87 percent

Seniors receiving scholarships: 43

Amount of local scholarships given: $230,450

Total amount of local, university and Millennium scholarships given: $3,487,260

*Figures provided by Incline High School

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