Custom Learning Academy student creates ‘frightful’ work |

Custom Learning Academy student creates ‘frightful’ work

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Custom Learning Academy students blend English and media with inspiring results.

TRUCKEE, Calif. — This out-of-the-ordinary story will ignite thrill and panic. It is an excerpt from a student's writing journal at Custom Learning Academy in Truckee. Find following the spine-tingling passage, meant for All-Hallows' Eve.


A man sat in his parlor drinking tea. He soon craved something to eat and went to the kitchen. He entered and saw a bowl of fruit sitting on the table. The man didn't know where it came from, but reached for an orange anyway. Then he realized his hand was being engulfed and screamed. In shock, he looked to see his hand being devoured by the very fruit he attempted to eat.

Then the bowl of fruit bit a large piece of his hand off. Apples for eyes, grapes for teeth, a banana for a unibrow, and an orange for tongue; all at once, the bowl of fruit jumped at him. The man's screams were muffled as he was slowly eaten. The next day, when his maid came over, all she saw was a pool of blood, a half-eaten hat and a bowl of fruit. She knew she had to call the police, but suddenly she craved a piece of fruit and that bowl of fruit did look enticing …

The End (?)

… dun … dun … dun!

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Ian is a 10th-grader at Custom Learning Academy located in Tahoe Donner. He writes effortlessly during creative writing class and is inspired by the greats like Franz Kafka and Douglas Adams. Custom Learning Academy offers an in-depth photography class each semester that collaborates some major assignments with English class coursework.

For this particular assignment, Ian has worked one-on-one with his English teacher and media teacher to complete this assignment. Information about CLA can be found at

Happy Halloween from Custom Learning Academy!

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