Incline students raise $246 for measles vaccines |

Incline students raise $246 for measles vaccines

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In April, the students of Incline Middle School participated in a challenge to help children all over the world. Each grade of IMS competed in a friendly completion to raise funds for the Measles Initiative.

The initiative, founded by several leading health organizations including the American Red Cross, has supported more than 80 countries to deliver more than 1.1 billion doses of the measles vaccine, reducing the amount of deaths from measles by 71 percent in the last 12 years. For just $1, a child can be safely and effectively vaccinated for the virus.

The grades of IMS competed against each other in what is known as a Penny War. The rules were simple: Students raise the point total for their grade by putting pennies in their collection jar.

However, any other form of currency put in an opposing grade's jar gives negative points to that grade. While the competition was fierce, the sixth-graders managed to achieve a sizable victory.

The real victor, though, was the entire school, which managed to raise S246 in just four days. Through their efforts, 246 children worldwide will be immunized with the measles vaccination, no doubt saving countless people.

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