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Carl Hill
Special to the Bonanza

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Tahoe ski tip of the week: Turning do’s and don’ts

EDITOR'S NOTE: "Ski tip of the week" is a periodic feature running in the North Lake Tahoe Bonanza, in partnership with the Incline Village General Improvement District.


This skier has "over -rotated" the upper body resulting in several things:

1. By turning using the upper body instead of the legs, the tails of the skis wash out resulting in an overly skidded turn.

2. He is not facing the direction of the next turn, so the start of the turn will be delayed.

3. From this position, linked, smooth turns are very difficult to achieve.


This skier is facing downhill with the upper body, allowing him to do several things:

1. Link short turns in the fall line.

2. Keep the turns flowing down the hill for accurate, rhythmic skiing.

3. This body position and turn type is great to adapt to steeper terrain or moguls

Carl Hill is Director of Skier Services at Diamond Peak Ski Resort.