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Letter to the Editor: Judy Friedman’s unique campaign approach

Recently, I received a clever campaign philosophy email letter from Judy Friedman, incumbent TCPUD Board Member. I was particularly impressed with her approach for re-election. She has a unique strategy regarding her campaign approach and would like to share a few highlights from that message.In summary, Judy Friedman made a commitment to reduce both visual and environment impact on the community by not using traditional campaign yard or highway signs. She intends to personalize her campaign by using small window signs; word of mouth support from people who know her, realize her talents and appreciate her vast knowledge of the TCPUD; by accepting invitations for “Meet & Greet” receptions graciously hosted by local restaurateurs; and by visiting with constituents outside local post offices and attending community meetings.She has not sponsored fundraising events requesting campaign contributions from friends and neighbors nor has she initiated a telephone campaign. After enduring nearly 2 years of Presidential and more than 12 months of State campaigning, and realizing the costs associated with elections, this demonstrates frugality and proves to be quite appealing to me.As current president of the TCPUD Board, Judy has kept her promise for sound fiscal oversight. Judy has focused on significant improvements to the TCPUD infrastructure. The final 3 links of the Lakeside Trail and the formation of a partnership to successfully purchase the Tahoe City Golf Course were completed to name only a few of the many accomplishments of the current Board.Judy has been an effective Board member, continues to be a forward thinker and progressive about the vision of the future for the TCPUD and the community.Let’s keep the TCPUD going in the proper direction … cast your vote to re-elect Judy Friedman.Patty McNamaraTahoe City