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Letter to the Editor: Nice neighbor or…?

Nice neighbor or…?

I love my neighborhood for its location, beauty and nice neighbors … mostly. All of the neighbors wave and say hello when we are out working in our yards or driving home. It's wonderful, and I am so appreciative of it. However, there is one neighbor across the street from me who allows his cute yellow lab to trot over every day and take a dump in my yard or just over the border on my next door neighbor's yard so the stink totally wafts over. I end up picking up these bombs because otherwise it smells terrible.

I applaud our considerate neighbors who take the time to walk their dogs on leash and pick up after their pups. Isn't that what responsible dog owners should do? It protects the family pet from being hit by a car as well when they are on leash. Picking up after my dog is definitely not my favorite thing to do either, but it's my responsibility as a pet owner so I do it every day.

Lakeshore is full of dog bombs too. When I'm out for a walk in my neighborhood or on Lakeshore, I love to enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe with the lovely scent of pine trees and mountain air, not the stink of a dog bomb while trying to avoid landing in one every other step.

You know who you are! Be a good neighbor and pick up the bombs whenever possible please. No one is perfect all of the time, but I know we can do better.

Joan Shubinski

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