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Tahoe Donner marina project consideration extended

Margaret Moran

Courtesy Tahoe Donner

TRUCKEE — Approval of proposed renovations to the Tahoe Donner-owned Beach Club Marina on the east end of Donner Lake is still under consideration.

After reviewing Tahoe Donner's proposed marina project and staff recommendations, the Truckee Planning Commission on Tuesday evening decided to continue the public hearing on the topic at a to-be-determined date.

"I feel there's all these different categories that we just need more information to make a more poignant decision," said Commissioner Greg Buchheister. "Each area affects an entirely different area in part of the plan."

Areas that the commissioners had questions on included pathway placement and the number of proposed pathways, especially in regards to redundancies; the extent of grading and cut and fill the site plan calls for; the number of 10-foot-tall pole lights in the plan and having potential excess lighting; the size of the patio and impact to the lawn area; the number of trees proposed for removal; and the planned future use of the marina and its impact to neighbors, among others.

"Sometimes you have to take a step back to take a step forward," said Commissioner Bruce Cornell. "… I want it to be done right."

The commission has requested the project applicant and town staff to gather additional information regarding its areas of concern and that their findings be brought back to the commission at a future meeting.

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"We're fine with making sure the planning commission is comfortable in the decision, and if you need more time to deliberate on that, I think we're happy to support that," said Robb Etnyre, general manager of Tahoe Donner.

As the project is proposed now, an outdoor patio complete with a 42-inch glass windscreen on the south side of the patio and two gas fire pit pits are planned for construction, along with new walkaways that are ADA compliant and pathway lighting, including 22, 10-foot light poles, and new rockery walls and landscaping. To accommodate the proposed dining, landscaping and walkways improvements, grading and cut and fill is proposed along with the felling of 20 Jeffrey pine trees greater than six inches in diameter at breast height — nine of which are identified by Tahoe Donner Association's forester as either dead, unhealthy or a hazard.

The landscape plan details that 20 new Jeffrey pine trees will be planted along with shrubs, perennials and ground cover.

"Overall, a less aggressive approach to developmental, (and) a little bit more aggressive approach to conservation and preservation and remediation," Chair Stephen Ramos advised.

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