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‘Alice in Wonderland’ performed locally by Tahoe Dance School

Courtesy Robert MowrisThe Tahoe Dance School and#8220;Alice in Wonderlandand#8221; performers take a bow at the Cal Neva event.

TAHOE – Tahoe Dance School and its Competition Company performed “Alice in Wonderland” on Friday, June 1 and Sunday, June 3 at the Cal Neva in the Frank Sinatra Showroom.

The performance included 20 original dance routines choreographed by Katlin Richardson along with tap routines by Rene Berg and the dancers themselves.

The performance showcased more than 65 local dancers ranging from 8 to 50+ years of age.

This is the 16th annual performance under the direction of Dee Dee Terzian and the last performance by four graduating senior dancers: Malia Camozzi, Corinne Cushing, Rennie Fidler and Madeleine Hoffman.

If you are interested in auditioning for the 2012-13 Company or starting classes with Tahoe Dance School please call 530-583-3367 or visit http://www.tahoedanceschool


Wonderland, Game, Trial, Chase

Tarni Schott, Alex Schwartz, Alle Whitney, Anna Mowris and Piper Joubert.

‘Alice in Wonderland’ senior dancers

Corinne Cushing, Madeleine Hoffman, Malia Camozzi and Rennie Fidler.

March of the Cards

Shauna Gilberti, Johanna Lemke, Natalie Sheridan, Alissa LaFerriere, Sarah Mowris, Rene Berg, Haley Perkins and Alex Schwartz.

Cheshire Cat

Sarah Mowris, Piper Joubert, Maia Baehr and Natalie Sheridan.

Caterpillar Dance

Sarah Mowris and Katlin Richardson.

Caucus Race

Chelsea Austin, Payton Black, Josh Gold, Danielle Hyde, Johanna Lemke, Rachel Meyer, Anna Mowris, Jane Nall, Bailey Shaw and Katie Plexico.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Sarah Mowris and Natalie Sheridan.