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Letter to the Editor: Amazing class

The title of this letter to the editor can be taken in two ways. The first, last Tuesday, I experienced one of the finest classes/seminars that I have every attended.

The speaker was Steve Schmidt, former campaign advisor and currently a political analyst, who was asked a wide range of questions from students and invited public. Each and every question was answered candidly with absolutely no spin.

The breadth of Mr. Schmidt's knowledge and ability to communicate to his audience was superb. Never have I been so impressed with an individual. The audience comprised of all political persuasions, were to a person totally taken by this honest, direct personality.

The second way of taking "Amazing Class" is that Sierra Nevada College (SNC) has opened up its doors to our community and is exposing us to some phenomenal people and concepts.

Dr. Lynn Gillette, I salute you for your innovated programs.

Tom Bruno

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