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Letter to the Editor: An anomaly of wealth

The Tahoe Expedition Academy moving to Tahoe's lakeshore is not a result of market forces, as some said at the public meeting last Tuesday in Kings Beach.

It is an anomaly of wealth sneaking into town under antiquated zoning laws. TEA is a good thing for KB, but it has no need to be on the lake other than vanity and enhanced marketing leverage. It won't be allowed this time next year due to community plan updates which seek to protect us from ourselves.

The campus is coming in under a banner of property rights and "wellness," when really it's a slow-moving regional government which has made this loophole possible.

If the founder of TEA actually wants to help KB, he'd steer this money to a blighted area as opposed to the best tourist segment of our town. Everywhere in the world, tourists pay more to be on the water. We are robbing ourselves from becoming a better tourist town by putting a school on prime tourist land which is surrounded by more prime tourist land.

If the school changes heart, do not fear — there are bulldozers with the Crown's name on their blades, and while they won't get here today, they will arrive nonetheless (witness changes in Tahoe City, Cal Neva, etc.).

While we could send our kids to this wonderful school, I am thankful for the true community and cultural experience they get at KB Elementary.

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TEA risks teaching its students about entitlement at a young age, when instead it could demonstrate humility, generosity and sensitivity to our town's real needs.

Alex West

Kings Beach

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