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Letter to the Editor: Farewell, Truckee

For more than 25 years, it has been our great pleasure to live and work in Truckee and to serve its citizens in our professional and community service capacities. Over the years we have made hundreds of dear friends and raised our daughter, Sophia, here in a wonderful community of caring and engaged citizens.

In some ways a community is like an old carpet, composed of many strands. Some people move into a town and simply put their furniture on the carpet. In our case, we have woven the strands of ourselves into the very fabric of Truckee. We have tried in our small ways to "pay it forward" from working with Sierra Nevada Children's Museum and Kidzone, being a Girl Scout leader, and taking part in the many service opportunities afforded by our years with the Truckee Sunrise Rotary. We'd like to take to chance to thank the citizens and leaders of Truckee and our many tried and true friends for making our time here so memorable. When we leave, the carpet will be threadbare in places, but we leave knowing that others will step forward to serve the community after we leave. There are now openings for someone to spend some time with the Friends of the Library, the Sierra Seniors Apartments, and the third grade literacy program.

We will miss Truckee's beautiful mountains, its cool (sometimes too cool) fresh air, and its cold sweet waters when we move to San Diego to be with our family. Who knows? In time, we may even miss those 4-foot berms and having to shovel snow off the roof.

We hope to see you all again when we tire of the Southland's lack of seasons and venture back to Truckee in time to stand in line some cold morning at Stones Tires with our dear friends.

Yours in Service,

Jeff & Lydia Sparksworthy

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