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Letter to the editor: Incline students eager to learn

Last week I wrote of the necessity to examine the Common Core State Standards with the associated substitution of social learning and lowering of academic standards in order to demonstrate successful testing.

I wish to be clear that I am not criticizing our local schools. In fact, my experience, after being privileged enough to tutor several students at Incline HS in mathematics, is just the opposite.

Most of the students I have met have been associated with the AVID program. These students are being challenged with the full strength course of algebra. They, with just a little extra guidance and different type explanations are experiencing with insight the progression of algebra as the subject unfolds.

They are respectful, appropriately quizative, and understanding of how the different areas relate. Most importantly, they want to learn. I can only applaud the efforts of this school for not letting them down.

I have previously taught mathematics and AP calculus in high schools and these students are not second to any others. The expectations of their teachers, rather than some watered down course, is what is needed to successfully compete in today's world.

Well-behaved, challenged students will rise up to the level of their capabilities and not require limited course material just to satisfy the testing requirements of the government. Our children will never reach their maximum potential by stifling the challenges they face as they mature.

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Everyone experiences difficulties in life — future success is best met by learning to meet challenges, not sheltering one from them.

Richard Reiter

Incline Village

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