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Letter to the Editor: Ironman athletes must stop littering

In regard to the recent "Ironman" event. For the record, I voted "positive" in the poll, believing that this event was, overall, very well organized, attended and a boost to our local economy in the "offseason." I think it will be good to be holding that event here in the future.

All that being said and recognized, I was very dismayed to find a lot of wrappers — from "protein bars" and energy gel or "goo" packets — along the side of North Lake Boulevard in Tahoe Vista where I work. It seems that it is the habit and accepted practice of these elite athletes to just toss their garbage when in a competition.

I, personally find this unacceptable. If it is to be "acceptable," the promoter of any such event should take full responsibility, and be held accordingly, for the timely complete pickup and disposal of such refuse. These wrappers are generally made of plastic, foil, or in some cases, both. They are not going to disappear by themselves. They could be eaten by wildlife or domestic animals (dangerous to their health).

Ultimately, in any case, they will most likely end up in our soil, watersheds, and unfortunately our beautiful lake. This issue should be addressed.

Brad Kohler

Carnelian Bay

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