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Letter to the Editor: Make a difference this weekend

Why not be a part of our town, an essential component to our community? What good does it do to just dwell … day in and day out, go to work, come home, do your grocery shopping and we still try and make it to the gym? Well, you could be a dweller, or you could be an influencer.

Academically, the term "sense of community" means: "a feeling members have of belonging." Andrew Metlenko was a community member! As a family, we feel that we need to extend his legacy by giving back to the community that he grew up in and enjoyed so much.

When you have an emotional investment in the city or community you live, you are more likely to invest your time and efforts in improving it. I grew up, met my husband and raised my family in Truckee. With revitalizing the Truckee High Baseball field, we are not only helping our community but we are revitalizing the future of our children.

Please join us Saturday, Oct. 26, at the Truckee High baseball field for National Make A Difference Day and the Forever 18 Home-run Derby. Help us be the influencers we all want to be.

Ages: 9-12; 13-17; 18 and up. Participation Donation: $18/per player; reenter after 1st round: $10/per player. There will be a snack bar, Forever 18 T-shirts, Field of Dream raffle tickets, handmade rubber band bracelets, and Forever 18 vehicle stickers for sale.

Laura Metlenko

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