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Letter to the Editor: Squaw/KSL fights back against locals

Substantial concern about and opposition to the proposed KSL expansion of the Village at Squaw Valley has come from the citizens from all over North Tahoe.

This, together with the absence of any overt public support for their project, appears to have driven KSL to mount a counter campaign.

First, they have hired a high-powered and well-credentialed person named Anthony Brunello of the Sacramento firm called California Strategies to aid their Squaw-based KSL agent, Chevis Hosea, in selling the proposed village concept to us. Next, they have created a hand-picked KSL-sponsored and -supported Community Advisory Committee, the members of which are not known at this time.

All this appears to be in response to the activities of the somewhat rag-tag group known as the Friends of Squaw Valley and their ally Sierra Watch (you know of them from their Martis Valley and Royal Gorge efforts environmental-preservation efforts).

KSL appears to ignore the fact that Squaw Valley already has two Placer-County-appointed committees made up of locals to advise the County on the valley's needs and desires: One is the Squaw Valley Municipal Advisory Committee (SVMAC), and the other is the Squaw Valley Design Review Committee (SVDRC) which was established as part of the 1983 Squaw Valley Master Plan and has the responsibility of reviewing and advising on all commercial development in the valley and any along Squaw Valley Road.

Better get ready for a PR blitz from the KSL organization. And hey: This has to do with the village expansion, not the good things being done by Squaw/Alpine Ski Holdings on the mountains.

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Dave Brew

Olympic Valley

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