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Letter to the editor: Sweigert out of line again

Sweigert out of line again

Once again, Bob Sweigert is foaming at the mouth! The fact that the Sierra Sun allows this rambling nonsense called Grasshopper Soup to be in print is beyond reason. I am not the only Truckee resident to voice our opinion, that Mr. Sweigert has little of importance to say and perhaps his comments do not belong in a community newspaper!

Note his latest April 17 political attack. First of all, reducing our dependence on oil by supplementing with renewable energy is not only a good idea, but a necessary move to protect future generations. But of course, we don't want to hurt the massive profits of the oil industry!

His comments on President Obama just shows where Mr. Sweigerts mind is at. Seems the hate machine has clearly infected his brain. I hear some of the incredible comments from our political leaders which just attempts to further divide our country. Intelligent discussion involving our politics in this country seem at a loss given the source of propaganda one decides to follow. There is little doubt where Mr. Sweigert gets his source of misinformation!

Bob Shannon


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