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Mtn. Mike’s Sports launches new website

OLYMPIC VALLEY, Calif. – Planning to ski or snowboard in North Lake Tahoe but need to rent equipment? Mtn. Mike’s Sports, a locally owned rental shop in Olympic Valley recently launched a new website,, which offers online equipment booking. Mtn. Mike’s takes care of all your equipment rental needs from home! Experienced skiers with brand knowledge can search the site to book premier equipment while beginners still have the opportunity to check out rental rates and packages. All available equipment can be viewed online giving renters the ability to visualize options for immediate or future rental. Pre-booking grants customers up to 30 percent savings on any rental packages and places shoppers in a position to make personalized gear decisions. A ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section serves as a handy guide.”We implemented online ski and board rentals so customers have the opportunity to organize their trip prior to arrival,” said Mike Pavel, owner and founder of Mtn. Mike’s Sports. For Pavel it is all about the element of customer convenience. He understands the stresses associated with renting equipment and would love for his customers to arrive at the store feeling organized and ready to hit the slopes. Since 1988, the family-owned Mtn. Mike’s Sports has outfitted literally thousands of skiers and riders.A tour of Mtn. Mike’s Sports’ website also offers skiers the most up-to-date weather information. Provided links navigate to constantly updated local weather, so there is never a question about road or slope conditions. Mtn. Mike’s Sports’ knowledgeable team also offers excellent tuning deals. With a full service tuning and repair shop, lead by Paul Spierer with R&T Tuning, you can get your skis and boards ready for the season with their overnight services.Mtn. Mike’s Sports is located at 1602 Squaw Valley Road and is open daily 8 a.m.-6 p.m. and until 9 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. For more information visit or call 530-581-4707.- Submitted to