My Turn: ‘99%’ find Follies funny – ‘1%’ lack humor |
Paul Raymore
Special to the Sun

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My Turn: ‘99%’ find Follies funny – ‘1%’ lack humor

TRUCKEE – Few dreamed the Occupy Movement would take root in the out-of-the-way mountain town of Truckee, Calif., but fortunately for locals who love humor, those few happened to be writers for the 2012 Truckee Follies.

With original skits such as TRPA Crab Inspections, Truckee Pawn Stars, Presidential Politickin’ and Berm Removal Blues – augmented by favorites such as A Visit to the Truckee Winery, Transhumanism, the always-hilarious Local News and talented performances by Truckee’s OK Corral, Jezzebelles and musical legend Paul Covarelli – the most often heard quote after each show was certainly, “Best Follies yet!”

The three-night sold-out run was energized by the hilarious grass-roots propaganda campaign dreamed up by the Follies Program/Art Committee, who were responsible for the must-have 2012 program as well as the “Big Bro Brah is Watching You,” “Free Parking is a Human Right,” “We Demand More Mexican Restaurants” and other Occupy Truckee posters seen around town before the show.

Buzz about the show had spread all the way to Washington D.C. as even “President Barack Obama” and “Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney” came by to take part in the fun – while doing a little polling of course.

Like any good Follies, this year’s show did have its detractors. But as usual, it was only the humorless “1%” who can’t find the humor in humor who went away disappointed.

The rest of the 99% who enjoyed the show have Co-Directors Kane and Aimee Schaller and Producer Mitch Clarin to thank, along with the cast, crew, writers, wait staff, musicians and everybody else who made this year’s show the best yet.

Finally, now that the Follies are over, the Truckee Downtown Merchants Association would like everyone to remember: Everything is okay, please continue shopping.