Use proper bike trail etiquette |

Use proper bike trail etiquette

As vacationers and locals increase their use of the "bike-paths," whether on bikes, inline skates, skateboards, scooters, running or walking, it is imperative that a few basic rules and courtesies should be used by all.

Remember to walk to the left and ride to the right, to call out to others you are about to pass ("on your left/right"), be mindful of the many driveways that cross the bike paths, ride single-file when necessary, control children in your group, keep dogs on a leash, ride or skate at a safe speed, and if you are training for the "Tour de Whatever," use the bike lanes on the road where high speed riding won't endanger others.

If we can all work together it will be a wonderful summer for everyone using the trails.

John Neary

Tahoe City

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