Fitness innovation provides inspiration at Truckee’s CR Johnson Healing Center |

Fitness innovation provides inspiration at Truckee’s CR Johnson Healing Center

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In partnership with TRX Training and Chris Cloyd, fitness director of Performance Training Center, the CR Johnson Healing Center has begun development of a new form of adaptive workout — and the fitness and adaptive communities are buzzing.

Categorized as an adaptive group exercise program, these inspirational weekly classes are designed to cater to a group dynamic that lends itself to adaptive participants to move beyond what was previously thought possible in a workout.

Under Cloyd's engaging direction, a new sense of independence is being discovered for High Fives Foundation athletes who join the classes, which largely focus on using TRX Suspension and Rip Trainers.

Cloyd explained that through the exercises he's developed for the CR Johnson Healing Center, athletes in a wheelchair, or with otherwise limited mobility, "Engage muscles in a way that wasn't previously accessible to adaptive populations. There's no precedent for this. I've never seen such gains achieved by standard exercises."

Cloyd said thanks to the program and tools, he's seeing the athletes engaging an additional plane of movement, which ultimately results in 30-35 percent additional muscle improvement.

The excitement is palpable as participants are enthusiastic about the new direction in their respective health and fitness. Truckee resident Holly McGowan at first did not think she could do the workouts but now proclaims that they are "life changing."

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On the same token, High Fives Foundation – Winter Empowerment Athlete Sophie Courdurier hasn't felt as strong since before her injury.

A video from the High Fives Foundation highlighting this new form of adaptive workouts has been featured on TRX Training's website, for-adaptive-athletes.

Learn more about these workouts and the CR Johnson Healing Center at

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