Action Water Sports of Incline Village takes guests for a catamaran sailing experience out of Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort |

Action Water Sports of Incline Village takes guests for a catamaran sailing experience out of Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort

For anyone who has imagined a day spent sailing on Lake Tahoe, chances are they pictured themself soaking up the sunshine and breathtaking views from a comfortably seated position in a sailboat.

Action Water Sports of Incline Village gives guests an entirely new perspective of the lake every Tuesday morning; when they invite guests to come out on the Sierra Cloud catamaran, to lie down on the hammock-like netting to enjoy a luxurious and relaxing cruise.

"Oh it's great out here," said photographer Chris Talbot.

"I've been out about 10 times now, my daughter likes the food and I like sitting on hammocks right above the water the whole time," he said.

As guests are serenaded by acoustic guitarist and singer Darin Talbot, the friendly Action Water Sports staff gracefully makes their way around to each guest, offering breakfast snacks like fresh fruit, bite-sized muffins, Danishes and of course mimosas, among other non-alcoholic beverage options.

Captain Gene safely steers the vessel and is hailed by his crew as "an old school badass", the kind of guy who works ski patrol in the winter and goes without goggles into the storm.

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Talbot is described as a friendly, fun-loving entertainer who serenades guests with his guitar, singing songs that are both educational and fun; each with a Lake Tahoe theme.

Andy Josephson is part of the boat crew and he said coming from Wisconsin he's gotten an entirely new experience being on the catamaran.

"You just can't beat this view," he said.

"You notice the different shades of blue in the water when you're slow cruising like this. It's so laid back, guests don't have to do anything at all but enjoy. Coming from Wisconsin, when you go on a boat it's usually small. This is an entirely new experience."

Another of the boat's crew, Briana Barraza, added that the Tuesday tours make Tahoe more accessible to locals and visitors.

"Not everyone has a boat on the lake, and not one that can accommodate a large family," she said.

"We can have up to 49 people on the catamaran, kids love it because of the nets and the awesome view, adults love it because it's relaxing and we serve drinks. We added music this year every Tuesday and everyone out here is very outgoing, it's just a really awesome experience."

Also working the boat is Brenda Torres, who said that working with Action Water Sports is more than a job, but an exciting opportunity.

"We get to be on the water sailing, meeting lovely people who aren't angry. It's calm out here, we get to see what I think is the most beautiful side of the lake; there's just never a bad day out here — it's hard work, but we work it," she said.

Guests began their day leisurely lounged on padded bench seating while others stretched out on the nets, suspended with views of the untouched lake below.

"I don't think people notice all the time, that the early morning is the absolute best time to come out," Barraza said.

"Of course we all like to sleep in, but the early morning is perfect, the view is gorgeous."

Cassandra Walker is a features and entertainment reporter for the Sierra Sun. She can be reached at, 530-550-2654 or @snow1cass.