Health tip: Do you have the guts to be healthy? |

Health tip: Do you have the guts to be healthy?

Dr. Rodney Shoemaker
Special to the Bonanza

Dr. Rodney Shoemaker

There is a constant battle in our guts between good and evil bacteria. Our diets and lifestyle determine the outcome. What we eat and don't eat play a crucial part of the war. 

Each of us have up to four pounds of bacteria living in our guts. The beneficial bacteria perform necessary tasks for our health. These bacteria produce B vitamins, breakdown hormones and cholesterol, keeps our stools consistent and regular and most importantly fight off harmful invaders. 

These harmful invaders are viruses, yeast and bacteria. These bugs can create painful bloating, gas, irregular and unformed stools, lower energy, headaches and inflammation. 

Research shows us that stress, diets high in meat, junk food and refined foods increase the growth of harmful bacteria. Diets high in garlic, leeks, onions, whole grains, fruits and vegetables promote the growth of good bacteria. The fiber in fruits and vegetables is a necessary source of fuel for the good bacteria, so juicing without the fiber does not provide this benefit.

We live with good and bad bacteria in our guts. The balance of each will determine how we feel and how much energy we have.

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