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Learn ‘Go-Slow-Whoa’ when making healthy eating choices

Jill Whisler
Special to the Bonanza

TAHOE-TRUCKEE, Calif. — Lots of children want to know which foods to eat to be healthy or get stronger. Learn the difference between Go, Slow, and Whoa foods.

The U.S. National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (part of the National Institutes of Health) suggests kids think about whether foods are Go foods, Slow foods, or Whoa foods.

Do you remember playing Red Light, Green Light? Using three simple terms — GO, SLOW and WHOA — is a great tool to identify whether a food is a smart, healthy choice.

This new language gives us fun, easy labels for foods we could choose more often and those we could eat less frequently.

So what exactly do these terms mean?

GO: Foods that are lowest in fat with no added sugar and are less processed than other foods in the same food group. These are "nutrient dense" foods that contain protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients important for our health. For children, its foods that help them grow.

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SLOW: Foods that are higher in fat and sugar and are more processed. They have a lower nutrient density and could be eaten less often.

WHOA: Foods that are highest in fat and sugar and are the most processed. These foods are "calorically dense" and want to be eaten less often.

This is the B-FIT theme for the month of November. Focus on getting two GO foods at each meal and particularly in children's lunch boxes.

For more healthy eating information, visit http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/public/heart/obesity/wecan/.

Be Fit In Tahoe (B-FIT) is partnership with the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District and Tahoe Forest Health System. The program promotes various health themes monthly.

The program is always looking for volunteers to help participate in cultivating a healthy community and school environment. Contact Maria Martin at mmartin@tfhd.com for more information on the B-FIT program.

Jill Whisler, MS, RD, is a registered dietitian at the Tahoe Center for Health and Sports Performance, a service of Tahoe Forest Health System, and is part of the Wellness Neighborhood Team. Jill can be reached at 530-587-3769.