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Tahoe essential oil of the week: Heart chakra and basil

Sarah McCallum
Special to the Bonanza

TAHOE VISTA, Calif. — So much of what we feel throughout life is experienced within the heart. This powerful muscle keeps our blood circulating and never misses a beat.

When we begin having issues in this area, they can arise in the form of arrhythmias or chest tightness. On an emotional level, we may have difficulties trusting others or we may feel that life has left us alone and betrayed.

The chest is an area of powerful emotion, and it can also become blocked quite quickly through situations involving anger, jealousy, hatred and grief.

Working through these feelings may begin to tear down the walls within the heart chakra that are keeping someone from truly feeling what it is to love.

Modalities like Reiki and Aromatherapy can be amazing aids in emotional and spiritual cleansing.

Basil essential oil is a great tonic for the heart. Basil, as we all know, is a bright green herb and the color green is associated with the heart chakra.

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Basil essential oil helps to cleanse the arteries and veins while removing any congestion from the chest. By applying a few drops to the sternum during a healing treatment, one can encourage an opening in this area not only on a physical but also a spiritual level.

A balanced heart chakra results in emotions of compassion and forgiveness. We are able to love others selflessly and fully when our heart chakras are in check.

It is here in the heart where we can truly feel what it is to live. A life full of happiness and love is a very beautiful and attainable thing with the help of healing tools.

Please visit us at the spa for some energy work incorporating one of our luscious bottles of essential oils. We will be sure and do our best to gently guide your body back into balance.

Sarah McCallum is a massage therapist at North Lake Massage & Skin Care in Tahoe Vista. Visit northlakemassage andskincare.com to learn more.