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Tahoe Forest Hospital birth announcements: August 2016

TRUCKEE, Calif. — The following are births for the month of August 2016, as submitted to the Sun by Tahoe Forest Hospital.

Jillian Charlotte Turner: a girl, was born 8/1/16 to Turner, John & Pawelczyk, Amanda, of Soda Springs.

Lillian Laine: a girl, was born 8/4/16 to Zirbel, Dennis & Natalie, of Truckee.

Isaac: a boy, was born 8/4/16 to Babin, Nicholas & Stephanie, of Kings Beach.

David: a boy, was born 8/5/16 to Richardson, Jesse & Alli, of Truckee.

Ivan Viggo Brinkley-Svanberg: a boy, was born 8/7/16 to Brinkley-Svanberg, Adam Gunner & Dubina, Maria, of Incline Village.

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Emiliano: a boy, was born 8/8/16 to Chavez,, Fermin & Garcia, Juana, of Truckee.

Melody James: a girl, was born 8/8/16 to Johnson, Marvin & Matera, Dena, of Truckee.

Mazzy Miela: a girl, was born 8/9/16 to Charles, Stan & Lichter, Veronica, of Truckee.

Ryan Andrew: a boy, was born 8/12/16 to Millar, Jonathan & Meagan, of Truckee.

Amiya Joy Sierra Salah: a girl, was born 8/14/16 to Finch, Andy & Amber, of Truckee.

Noah Rider: a boy, was born 8/18/16 to Cabral, Scott & Cowan, Brittany, of Portola.

Raiden Robert Daniel: a boy, was born 8/19/16 to Pitcher, James & Conchola, Sunshine, of Portola.

Adriel Leonardo: a boy, was born 8/24/16 to Estrada, Israel & Martinez, Cristina, of Truckee.

Julianna Parker: a girl, was born 8/26/16 to Chase, Michael & Allison, of Tahoe Vista.

Tristen Russell: a boy, was born 8/30/16 to Kimpson, Jon & Arney, Mariah, of Loyalton.

Kendra Evelette: a boy, was born 8/30/16 to Estrada, Salvador & Ramirez, Zuleima, of Kings Beach.

Sawyer Michael: a boy, was born 8/31/16 to Lopez, Cale & Dal Porto Lopez, Amber, of Truckee.