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Tahoe Forest Hospital birth announcements: July 2016

TRUCKEE, Calif. — The following are births for the month of July 2016, as submitted to the Sun by Tahoe Forest Hospital.

Hadassah Kay: a girl, was born 07/03/16 to Scholten, Christian & Abigail, of Alta.

Evolet Cloe: a girl, was born 07/04/16 to Gutierrez Colmenares, Cesar Rafael & Uribe Moreno, Consuelo Annali, of Truckee.

Alexander: a boy, was born 07/01/16 to Plascencia, Miguel & Nevarez, Bety, of Kings Beach.

Liam Michael: a boy, was born 07/02/16 to McNabola, Dalan & Samantha, of San Francisco.

Levi Louis: a boy, was born 07/01/16 to Braunschneider, Ian & Gray Braunschneider, Morgan, of Truckee.

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Rylee Anne: a girl, was born 07/06/16 to Cote, Brian & LeeAnne, of Calpine.

Colton Lee: a boy, was born 07/05/16 to Kelley, Jason & Hood, Linda, of Loyalton.

Soren Christian Blangstrup: a boy, was born 07/06/16 to Mann, Peter & Marina, of Truckee.

Lillian Dell: a girl, was born 07/12/16 to Livezey, Tyler & Natalie, of Sierraville.

Kana Josephine: a girl, was born 07/16/16 to Calhoun, Lorne & Michiko, of Tahoe City.

Judah Zane: a boy, was born 07/14/16 to Eisenstark, David & Brennan, Meghan, of Kings Beach.

Lillian Elizabeth: a girl, was born 07/18/16 to Crombie, Gary & Cathleen, of Tahoma.

Asher Beckett: a boy, was born 07/18/16 to Beldon, Errol & Jenna, of Truckee.

Abigail: a girl, was born 07/20/16 to Alatorre, Jose & Rosas, Julia, of Kings Beach.

Isaiah Lee: a boy, was born 07/20/16 to Jimenez, Daniel & Stevi, of Kings Beach.

Sebastian: a boy, was born 07/20/16 to Cervantes Soto, Adrian & Lopez Cervantes, Rosa, of Kings Beach.

Max Silva: a boy, was born 07/22/16 to Silva, Erick & Ramos, Angelica, of Kings Beach.

LouJean Rogers: a girl, was born 07/21/16 to Rogers, Michael & Kay, Bailey, of Portola.

Charlie Thomas: a boy, was born 07/26/16 to Pyle, Chris & Sarah, of Incline Village.

Chris Verma: a girl, was born 07/30/16 to Verma, Yogesh & Gaur, Sakshi, of Portola.

Norah Brooke: a girl, was born 07/29/16 to Bell, Graham & Kristi, of Chilcoot.

Lucille Allen: a girl, was born 07/28/16 to Allen, Brian & Hoyle, Nichole, of Homewood.