Truckee PD gets woolly for ‘No-Shave November’ cancer awareness campaign |

Truckee PD gets woolly for ‘No-Shave November’ cancer awareness campaign

Staff report

TRUCKEE, Calif. — Members of the Truckee Police Department may have looked a bit scruffy last month.

Officers and staff are winding up the No-Shave November national cancer awareness campaign. The goal is to grow awareness by embracing hair — which many cancer patients lose — by letting it grow wild and free.

Truckee PD and the town of Truckee joined the effort, growing beards, cultivating mustaches, and maybe a few less legs were shaved.

"We need to raise more awareness, cancer really does effect us all," said Truckee PD Officer Ryan Moreau. He went on to state of the 1.66 million new cases of cancer, approximately 235,000 will be breast cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, 238,000 new cases of prostrate cancer are also predicted.

Moreau said no cancer is more deserving than another, however, this is a good opportunity to raise awareness for men's cancer — prostrate and testicular.

The team of No-Shave November has received just more than $130,000 in donations; $68,000 shy of the overall goal. A portion of the monies raised through the campaign will support the Gene Upshaw Memorial Tahoe Forest Cancer Center located in Truckee. The center has estimated they will treat 350 new patients from this area, and has programs for patients funded by the American Cancer Society which include wigs, transportation support, and travel expenses.

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Truckee PD officers and staff encourage you to donate here.

They are also accepting donations, via check, which can be made out to the American Center Society and left at the Truckee Police Department front desk during normal business hours. The fundraising effort will continue for another week.

Support the Truckee PD's efforts or learn more at

The Truckee Police Department is located at 10183 Truckee Airport Road in Truckee. Find them at