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Tahoe Pine Nuts: 110 (million) degrees in the shade?

Concern for gun control in this country should be small potatoes in relation to concern for bomb control. Do you know how little it takes to boost the power of an atom bomb?

Neither do I. But some people know all you need to do is to apply a small amount of radioactive hydrogen called “tritium” to its base, and KA-BOOM!

The International Space Station could suddenly become home to the only humanoids left in our galaxy. “Good luck guys! Sorry, no World Cup this year.”

Here’s the rub. Our Pentagon is busy testing precision nuclear warheads that can be delivered by cruise missiles.

This lower yield could quite naturally reduce our reluctance to use nuclear force, and once that dog is off the porch, bend over and kiss your assets goodbye, because there ain’t going to be no assets.

Nonstate actors, looking for martyrdom in a bomb strong enough to trigger a nuclear holocaust are just itching to get their hands on such a weapon.

And that’s not to mention Mr. Kim, who just launched a missile of his own, prompting us to deploy a high altitude missile defense system in South Korea, THAAD. Will somebody please send Dennis Rodman to North Korea for some shuttle diplomacy.

Seriously, folks, we are playing with fire. Preparation for war begets war, and with the weapons already on the table, well, WWIII will deliver us unto our Maker, that is if our Maker is still willing to have us.

So what can we do? Well, there is a Treaty called the “Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons” that remains the world’s best-kept secret.

When we should be shouting from the rooftops to draw down, we continue to improve our weaponry to stay one step ahead of the armory two doors down.

For fiscal year 2016 President Obama has requested $8.8 billion to fund nuclear weapons activities in our National Nuclear Security Administration. You can’t build security by building bombs.

The firewall that is currently serving as a deterrent to nuclear use will eventually be breached. Stop the train I want to get off!

We can build national nuclear security by standing down ourselves while persuading others to join us in ridding the world of nuclear weapons once and for all.

And if North Korea refuses to go along, well, the world will be compelled to relieve Mr. Kim of those weapons.

This is a cause the National Rifle Association should be backing, but the NRA continues to be obsessed with assault weapons while the most dangerous people out there could care less about a mere AK-47 with a banana clip.

Give today’s bad really guys a little tritium to power up an atomic bomb and we’ve got trouble, my friends, right here in River City.

The United States and the United Nations must stand up as one man, as one woman, and mandate an elimination of nuclear weapons, with compulsory compliance by 2026.

I invite fellow Russian journalists to join together in lighting a people’s torch for disarmament and abolition of the threat of thermal climate change.

After all, 110 in the shade is hot; we don’t want to find out what 110 million in the shade feels like, when there is no shade to be had anywhere at any price.

Learn more about McAvoy Layne at http://www.ghostoftwain.com.

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