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Tahoe Pine Nuts: An open letter to the Islamic State (opinion)

Mr. Moderate Caliph Jihadi,

My name is McAvoy and I live just around the corner from you on Planet Earth. We are fated to die a natural death together when the sun burns out, but until then, we have an opportunity to live and let live.

Today, 2016, we are each entitled to our personal beliefs as to what constitutes righteousness and what constitutes wrong-headedness, as defined by rationale, religion, law and custom.

Once these beliefs are adopted and embodied they become cornerstones to civilizations, civilizations that sometimes look askance at one another, and call each other names, and worse.

Yet today we are in fact one world comprised of many diverse and time-honored cultures. Where you and I were once distant relatives, we are now like cousins, even siblings.

There are many grievances to be addressed, many advances to be celebrated, and as I see it, the important thing, the essential thing, is that we address our grievances and celebrate our advances in an atmosphere of dialogue and diplomacy that is peaceful, hopeful and optimistic.

Apprehension that modernity is eroding various long held values and customs is of valid concern. Perhaps like you, I give cigars a pretty wide berth these days.

I’m eager to open a dialogue, and contemplate conceivable avenues to assimilate our varied tenets toward a confluence of understanding, and an agreement to convince, and not coerce.

As a duo of two, we can explore the benefits inherent in tolerating differences and welcoming diversities. Should we strike an accord, the rest of our large family might determine to unite and live as one urchin instead of many.

I invite you to communicate openly with me in an attempt to examine and diffuse the variances that divide us, vast and insurmountable as they may appear. I have no ax to grind, no grudge to hold, no ideology to advance.

I do not represent any government entity, NGO, or religion. I’m not a reporter. I’m just a regular old Mac, who wants nothing more than peace and security for you and your family and your progeny to come … and mine.

As we set a sword aside, I remain a potential friend in perpetuity,



Learn more about McAvoy Layne at http://www.ghostoftwain.com.

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