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Tahoe Pine Nuts: Keeping the ‘Roughing It’ Globe at Tahoe

Saturday night I had the honor of speaking to the Sierra Club following dinner at the “Tahoe – A Visual History” exhibit at our Reno Museum of Art. Being an admirer of the founder of the Sierra Club, John Muir, and an admirer of the work the Sierra Club has done over the years to protect Lake Tahoe, this was a meaningful occasion for me.

I was moved to call up the founder of the Sierra Club, John Muir (Lee Stetson) and ask if he might be interested in a Muir-Twain show this summer at the Lake of the Sky Amphitheater, and he thought it a good idea, so we’ll be working on that eventuality.

Upon my first visit to the “Tahoe – A Visual History” exhibit I fell in love with Russell Crotty’s “Roughing It” globe, a good sized sphere of Tahoe, suspended from the ceiling, with some Mark Twain observations inscribed by hand upon the mountains surrounding our “masterpiece of the universe.”

I put on my glasses and discovered, “… I thought it must surely be the fairest picture the whole earth affords.” My first thought was, we’ve got to somehow keep this treasure in the Tahoe area if at all possible.

So I called on Heidi Loeb, Director of Special Projects at the Museum, and was encouraged to find out they were thinking the same thing, and all we need is $80,000 to keep our Tahoe globe from returning to San Francisco.

Well, I confessed to the Sierra Club that a Mark Twain commemorative coin is due to be released on the 14th of January, and I have ordered a bathtub full of them, so I’m a little “thin” at the moment, or I would foot the bill for the “Roughing It” globe and hang it in the Historical Society’s Mark Twain Room in the Village of Incline.

Come to think of it, Bill Watson might like to have that beautiful globe to adorn The Thunderbird Lodge. Meanwhile, stop me at the post office next week and I will show you my new watch fob, the brand new Commemorative Mark Twain Silver Dollar.

Over the centuries there have been distinguished places of power on this creative little orb of ours, Athens for philosophy, Vienna for music, Paris for literature, Silicon Valley for technology, and Crotty’s “Roughing It” globe illustrates how Tahoe is becoming one of the world’s places of power.

Our Lake of the Sky certainly helped fuel Mark Twain’s creative powers, and John Steinbeck’s too.

And it can happen for you. If you feel you have a book knocking around inside you, and we all do, set aside a couple months, plant yourself inside the Tahoe Basin, and bingo, you’ve got your book.

If you happened to miss the exhibit “Tahoe – A Visual History,” you should feel really, really sad. I would not stick my head in the oven if I were you, but at least pour yourself a stiff one at five bells and atone in humble silence.

You might find some solace in a possible second printing of the pictorial essay, “Tahoe – A Visual History.” Let’s keep fingers and legs crossed for that…

Learn more about McAvoy Layne at http://www.ghostoftwain.com.

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