John Craigie opened the show for two nights, back-to-back with Jack Johnson, leaving his mark with his signature storytelling and all around feel-good vibe |

John Craigie opened the show for two nights, back-to-back with Jack Johnson, leaving his mark with his signature storytelling and all around feel-good vibe

For two nights John Craigie and Jack Johnson brought their feel-good vibes and toe-tapping songs to the Lake Tahoe Outdoor arena at Harveys on July 28 and July 29.

As the sunset lighted up the South Lake Tahoe sky in gorgeous hues of pink and gold, John Craigie took to the stage with a harmonica around his neck and a guitar in his hands.

He greeted the crowd and weaved his signature storyteller-style seamlessly throughout his performance, telling tales from his early days as a musician like how he was mistakenly called "John Gravy" by a group of fans, who insisted that was his name.

Apparently his new pal Jack Johnson suggested he "speak a little clearer next time."

Each charming and funny anecdote Craigie shared won over the crowd, not to mention his easy-listening music detailing experiences from his life and current popular culture.

Craigie enjoyed his time with Tahoe locals and visitors as well.

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"What an amazing way to end the fun with Jack and his band. Surrounded by mountains and Lake Tahoe and the extremely enthusiastic Stateline audience, it was definitely a night to remember," Craigie said.

The bleachers and all standing room areas were packed with people in excited anticipation of the headliner. What they didn't expect was to also get to experience a solid performance from Craigie, who said it best after performing a couple songs to a roaring audience.

"You're all here for Jack's awesome show, and you knew there would be an opener tonight, " he said. "And you all just thought, 'Man, I hope he doesn't suck', and you've just been so nice to me — this is awesome."

Crowd members could be heard laughing, shouting back to Craigie from their seats, clapping and having a great time.

To close his set, Craigie played "I am California", to which his fanbase, who had made their way to the front of the audience, knew every word.

South Lake Tahoe local Dennis Sullivan brought his 10 year-old son, Roan, to the show that night, and the pair got an awesome vantage point, front and center.

Roan said he appreciated the music because it's calm — wise words from a young music lover.

The crowd consensus was the same; fans like Sullivan were pleasantly surprised to have gotten such an awesome opening act and were eager to see Jack Johnson take to center stage.

"It's exciting to have bigger shows here," Sullivan said. "We live locally, and when we can come out to a show like Jack Johnson that's pretty cool. We like to get around to different events, it's nice to just walk on over here from home," he added.

David Frank from Elko, Nev., said he brought his wife to the show for a date night.

"This is our first Jack Johnson concert, and we're having a lot of fun so far," he said after Craigie's set. "My wife has loved Jack Johnson for years and we're excited about something new."

As for Craigie, he said, "She really liked him, I hear he's got CD's out there and I'm buying one."

Cassandra Walker is a features and entertainment reporter for the Sierra Sun. She can be reached at, 530-550-2654 or @snow1cass.