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1, 2, 3 … The vote counting continues

Greyson Howard
Sierra Sun
Emma Garrard/Sierra SunCitizens vote in booths at the Glenshire Clubhouse last week.

With campaign officials looking over their shoulders, local election officials are still counting absentee ballots.

Nevada County counted about 2,000 of the 8,000 late absentee and provisional ballots as of Wednesday, and expects more results today, but no estimate on when final results will be released has been given.

“We have anywhere from seven from each campaign [the Charlie Brown vs. Tom McClintock congressional race] to 15,” said Gail Smith, acting assistant clerk recorder for Nevada County. “There are challenges being made by both campaigns.”

Those challenges are made during the counting to things like signature verification, and amount to an hour-and-a-half meeting everyday to go over the challenges, Smith said.

Likewise in Placer County campaign officials and attorneys are in the election office everyday watching the proceedings, said County Clerk Recorder Jim McCauley.

“There are 40 to 50 people in here every day; it slows things down a bit,” he said.

Placer County hasn’t started counting the more than 20,000 ballots left, McCauley said, completing duplication and signature verification first.

“We are shooting to finish before Thanksgiving but it may not be until the end of the canvas period,” McCauley said.

Canvasing ends Dec. 2.

The California Secretary of State has also required a 10 percent manual count for the Brown-McClintock race, as opposed to the normal 1 percent hand count, Smith said.

So far, Brown has garnered 26,182 Nevada County votes, giving him a 57 percent lead in the county over McClintock who has 19,482 votes.

As of election night, McClintock led Brown in Placer County 50.6 percent to 49.2 percent.

Locally, the latest numbers are in-line with those counted on election night, with no major upsets.

For the two Truckee Town Council seats as of Wednesday, Joan De Ryk Jones held 24.4 percent of the counted vote, Barbara Green 23.8 percent, and Josh Susman not far behind at 23.1 percent, according to the Nevada County Elections Office Web site.

Download the pdf on this page. These results were filed by the Nevada County elections office late Tuesday night.