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2003: Truckee’s sexiest dad, ag station cuts mark spring and summer


— Sen. Rico Oller toured Truckee to assess problem areas like the Mousehole, the mill site and the propane site. Mayor Ted Owens said he hoped the visit would incite action from the higher government officials in aiding Truckee to fix and prevent problems like those the town had dealt with in the previous months.

— Tahoe Forest Hospital began the largest phase of its expansion, a $23 million project. The outdated 47,000-square-foot hospital was receiving a facelift prompted by a law that requires California hospitals to meet certain seismic safety standards by Dec. 7, 2007.

— After the final budget cut amount came in, the Tahoe Truckee Unified School district was able to determine their own cuts for the coming school year. They decided to trim summer school transportation, make staffing reductions in special education programs and hold the district’s required reserve at the 3 percent minimum.

— During a raid of a Donner Trail home, Truckee police discovered five caged roosters. Rigoberto Uribe Solishe, the resident of the home and a Truckee restaurant owner, was arrested for the possession of fighting gamecocks.

— The Sierra Sun added a second edition to the traditional once-a-week publication and began running Wednesday and Friday issues, keeping pace with the growth of Truckee.

— Tahoe Forest Hospital held drills to prepare for the possibility of a terrorist attack. In a string of simulated events, several armed men entered the Tahoe Truckee High School and opened fire and there was a gasoline explosion at the Town of Truckee Corporation Yard. Shortly after, a bomb on Highway 89 exploded and there was another eruption on Interstate 80. Although hospital representatives admitted such an attack is unlikely in a town as small as Truckee, the directors for the operation said it was necessary to be prepared.

— The last episode of the channel 6 show “Truckee Talks” ran on May 28, ending a seven-year stint with 142 episodes. The show was a forum for local politicians, activists and others interested in the community to discuss controversial issues.


— Police were on the lookout for former Donner Summit Public Utility District General Manager Steven Grimm on embezzlement charges. Grimm, 54, was suspected of embezzling more than $300,000 from the PUD. He resigned when the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office began their investigation. In the days following, his wife also resigned from the utility board. Grimm later surrendered at the Nevada County Superior Court in Nevada City.

— A wildfire near Floriston above Interstate 80 hinted at a potentially dangerous fire season. The blaze burned more than 15 acres and prompted officials to suggest fire restrictions earlier than usual.

— The Tahoe Truckee Unified School district hired a new superintendent. Dennis Williams began his new position with a school board retreat and several goals for the upcoming year. One major focus was to make policies and processes more consistent at the district level.

— The Lake Tahoe Rim Trail was named a National Recreation Trail.

— The Town of Truckee Planning Commission approved the construction of a cabin subdivision. M.C. Taylor Construction’s Donner Cabins project had aroused contention from the neighbors of the proposed site, but was slated to begin in August on the North side of Donner Pass Road, near Moraine.

— Truckee’s radio station began broadcasting at 101.5 after the bidding process finished. Truckster Broadcasting, Inc. won the frequency for $275,000.

— The approval of the new Tahoe Donner lodge went uncontested June 11 at the Town of Truckee Planning Commission meeting. The old clubhouse was to be demolished and replaced by the new $2.8 million lodge.

— Local fifth-grader Brittney Brouwers won a Disney essay contest about her Guinea pig.

— Truckee police arrested six Truckee residents in suspicion for car theft. A 12-year-old girl was believed to have originally stolen the vehicle.

— Local photographer Scott Thompson was ranked as one of America’s Sexiest Dad’s by Parent Magazine. His wife responded to an advertisement in the magazine. She sent a picture and an explanation as to why she thought he deserved the ranking. He was featured among 12 other dads.

— Health officials warned that West Nile was nearing Nevada County. The virus, carried by mosquitos, was heading across the country, infecting only animals at the time.

— On the summer solstice, a reported thousands of people joined hands around Lake Tahoe, praying for peace and celebrating the longest day of the year. Although they did not circle the entire lake, which was the goal, an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 people attended the event.

— The Truckee Police Department added a 21-foot patrol boat to their force. They wanted to increase their law enforcement capabilities at Donner Lake.

— A man broke into Cafe Spira, but was foiled in his robbery attempt. He tried to break into the cash register by throwing it on the ground and left after he failed to crack it . The Truckee police arrested the man.

— Truckee woman Mimi Vadasz fulfilled a lifetime dream by climbing to the top of Mount Everest, becoming the 13th woman to do so. She summited the mountain on May 26.


— The Truckee Agricultural Inspection Station had to scale down their inspections because of state budget cuts. Private vehicles could pass the station with minimal or no inspection. There were no layoffs, but the additional seasonal summer employees were not hired.

— Two juveniles shot out the windows of several vehicles with a BB gun on two occasions. The victims were driving in the area between Highway 89 north, and Alder Creek Road and Schussing Way. After the second shooting, police chased the two boys on mountain bikes up the Emigrant Trail. They nabbed an 18-year-old and a 16-year-old, who were vacationing in Truckee at their second home.

— A Truckee man, Richard Marlow, was killed when his plane crashed during takeoff from the Truckee Tahoe Airport. His wife Beverly was injured. Marlow had made a sharp turn between 100 and 300 feet, causing the plane to loose uplift, but airport officials were unsure what cause him to make the turn.

— Steven Grimm pleaded innocent to embezzlement and credit card fraud.

— The Donner Cabins subdivision was held for further consideration.

— A man stole a taxi in Nevada City, inciting a car chase. The chase ended when the man crashed into a retaining wall on the Union Mills Bridge on Interstate 80. The California Highway Patrol found the man’s body at the bottom of the bridge, but officers were unsure whether he had fallen or jumped.

— Jennifer Luthy of Glenshire gave birth in the parking lot of the Tahoe Forest Hospital, with the assistance of her husband, Derek. The couple was en route to the Washoe Medical Center when road construction forced them to head back to the Truckee hospital.

— Truckee police Sgt. Dan Johnston was deployed to the Middle East as he was packing for a vacation in Cabo San Lucas. Johnston had signed up for the army reserves a few months before.

— Placer County and Truckee joined together to resolve air pollution issues affecting both of the areas. They discussed ideas like woodstove replacement and road salt use to improve the air quality.

— A 21-year-old rock climber fell to his death while climbing on a popular spot near Donner Lake. Justin Michael Saca was a University of Nevada, Reno student and was climbing on School Rock without safety gear when he fell.

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