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A guide to the Sun’s new look

Our redesign of the Sierra Sun had two goals – to create a paper that is easier on the eye, and one that is easier on the mind. A newspaper is a tool that is used by the readers, and we hope to do as much as we can to make that tool easier to use. Several changes we’ve made were designed specifically to make the paper more reader-friendly, and here’s a guide to them:


Weather is important here in Truckee. We’ve added a three-day weather forecast to help you tell what your weekend will be like, in our new index box on page one. This box will also serve as an easy guide to tell what page the sports, business, pet of the week or whatever else you’re looking for is on.

–“Around Town” and the “Town Calendar”

Our old “Around Town” section gave a run-down of upcoming events and notices in Truckee, but it also had gotten to be very long and unwieldy, plus it didn’t give information in the most comprehensive fashion.

So we’ve split that feature in two: on page 2A of every paper you’ll still see “Around Town,” which will continue to run brief articles about upcoming events in Truckee – but only events that will be happening within a few weeks of that newspaper’s cover date. All other events that are coming up in the near future will now appear in our new “Town Calendar,” a succinct, easy-to-follow guide to what’s happening in Truckee, on page 2 of our “People” section every issue. We believe this change will allow us to get more information in each week’s paper, while also freeing up space for more news as well.

— The new opinion pages

Our opinion and editorial page will expand from one to two pages every week, in order to get more of your comments and letters in the paper in a more timely fashion. We will also be able to feature more columns by our writers and local authors, and a staff editorial will also be run each week, written by the Sierra Sun’s editorial board.

Finally, we’ve had readers ask us to provide information about how to contact your local government officials, from the Town Council right on up to the President of the United States. That information will now be included every week, along with the meeting planner, which has been moved from the front of the “People” section.

Our submissions guidelines have also been reformatted in a more noticeable style, to make instructions on how to submit a letter to the editor as clear as possible.

— “For The Record”

A lot of people think the obituaries and birth announcements are one of the most important places in the paper, and sometimes they’ve been hard to find in the Sun in the past. We agree, so we’re moving them out of the “B” section and to page four, where they’ll be every week in a column called “For The Record,” along with wedding and engagement announcements, and corrections.

–“Faces In The Crowd”

This popular feature spotlighting a different local every week used to run in the Sun, but disappeared early in 2000. We’ve brought it back, where it will be on page one of the “People” section every issue. You’re encouraged to help “nominate” interesting locals to be featured in this column.

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