Accused firebomber released until sentencing |

Accused firebomber released until sentencing

A Truckee man accused of igniting a firebomb and of an earlier domestic abuse charge has been released from jail until the date of his sentence.

Michael Callaghan was on bail awaiting sentencing for the domestic abuse case when he was arrested July 25 for setting off a balloon filled with a volatile substance. He was held on $250,000 bail that was later reduced to $150,000.

On Tuesday in Nevada County Superior Court, Callaghan pleaded no contest to a felony charge of assault with a deadly device. He had previously pleaded no contest to a charge of domestic violence against his former girlfriend.

“[He] has been released from custody to get his affairs in order,” said Nevada County Deputy District Attorney William Cornell.

According to Cornell, Callaghan has three to four weeks to take care of his personal business before he is scheduled to be sentenced.

“He has an expectation of up to a year in county jail,” Cornell said.

Cornell said if Callaghan violates the law during the interim he would face the maximum sentencing of up to three years and eight months in state prison.