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Greg Martin, 24, never took a photography class. He wanted to while an undergraduate at the University of Vermont, but didn’t have the prerequisites to get in a course. Instead, he read his friends photography manuals and books and taught himself “over the Internet.”

Having moved out West to Tahoe with friends to ski and take his photography to the next level, Martin and two other friends, Kris Thomas and Adam Ruscitto, recently founded as an online showcase of their work as well as that of other aspiring photographers.

action editor Paul Raymore had the chance to talk with Martin about his goals in photography and life in Tahoe:

action: So what brought you to this area?

Martin: I had taken a trip out here two years before graduation and loved it. And I thought to myself, “Well, if I’m going to pursue photography, this is a good spot to be in.” So I made the move and so far, so good. And I’m a big skier and mountain biker, so it’s totally natural [to be here] you know.

action: How did you get into photography?

Martin: I had friends taking photography courses in college and I would just peruse their photography manuals and books. I never actually got to take a course because of special prerequisites that I didn’t fulfill, but I just kind of taught myself over the Internet. I’ve been shooting for about five years now, but more seriously for the last two, just trying to take my hobby to the next level.

action: So what is that next level for you?

Martin: I came out here all gung-ho about being a ski photographer… I think like most people do. And after being out here and kind of realizing more about the industry, I haven’t shied away from that goal, but I have grown to love taking pictures of different types of action sports as well.

action: What do you enjoy about action sports photography?

Martin: It’s way more challenging ” It’s moving subjects, high contrast snow and sky, lots of variables. And I like chasing around my subjects. You have to be able to keep up on skis to be able to take pictures of good skiers, so it naturally pushes my sports as well as my photography…

action: So what’s the motivation for starting

Martin: It kind of came from a vision of reading different magazines and thinking, “Well, we could probably do that.” Kind of just bullshitting around. And finally someone said, “You can keep talking about it, or you can do it.” And a couple of us decided to try it and see what happened.

It’s a total learning experience. None of us have any Web design experience. We’re all flying by the seat of our pants, but I think it’s going to be a good outlet for a lot of photographers who aren’t really known.

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