Air quality advisory issued for eastern Nevada County |

Air quality advisory issued for eastern Nevada County

The air quality may become unhealthy due several wildland fires burning within the region. Conditions will most likely vary from moderate to unhealthy over short to extended periods of time as the plume of smoke from the wildland fire wafts back and forth due to varying wind patterns. A Health Advisory for sensitive individuals is in effect for eastern Nevada County. Until the present conditions improve, individuals should consider taking the following actions: Healthy people should delay strenuous exercise, particularly when they can smell smoke. Children and elderly people should consider avoiding outdoor activities, particularly prolonged outdoor exertion. People with health-related illnesses, particularly respiratory problems, should remain indoors. Asthmatics should follow their asthma management plan. Scientific studies have linked fine particulate matter (smoke) with significant health problems, including premature death, respiratory related hospital admissions, aggravated asthma, acute respiratory symptoms (including severe chest pain, gasping, and aggravated coughing), chronic bronchitis, decreased lung function, and work and school absences.Sensitive groups and individuals are the elderly, children, asthmatics, and adults with pre-existing heart and lung disease, pregnant women, and athletes. The Northern Sierra Air Quality Management District advises that people in these sensitive categories limit prolonged outdoor exertion. This advisory is valid for: Tuesday, June 24 andamp; Wednesday, June 25, 2008 For current ozone conditions or to learn more about ozone, go to