Airport Board race: Incumbents, Van BerKem win Airport board seats |

Airport Board race: Incumbents, Van BerKem win Airport board seats

Greyson Howard
Sierra Sun

TRUCKEE ” Incumbents Kathleen Eagan and Mary Hetherington along with Airport Community Advisory Team-member Tom Van Berkem won seats on the Truckee Tahoe Airport District election.

Voters at the polls seemed content with the work the trio have been doing at the airport.

“I’m voting for the incumbents at the airport, I think they’re doing a great job. They set up community meetings and have taken community input,” said Bill Pearce of Truckee.

Some liked their part in preserving Waddle Ranch.

“I picked the same airport people as last time ” it was more contentious then ” but I’m happy they bought that open space,” said Jerry Anderson of Truckee.

Others preferred the non-pilot group for airplane noise issues.

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“I voted for Hetherington, Eagan, and Van Berkem because I live in Prosser Heights and want less direct flights overhead,” said Lauren Van Loon.

Issues that were popular in election forums detailing the Airport Board included noise, the number of jets allowed at the airport, open space, and continuing challenges of the airport’s responsible growth.

Ryan Slabaugh contributed to this report.

Placer County, with 64.3 percent reported

Kathleen Eagan: 1,478, 27.54 percent

Mary Hetherington: 1,387, 25.85 percent

Tom Van Berkem: 1,318, 24.56 percent

Constance Stevens: 1,145, 21.34 percent

Nevada county, with one of 15 precincts reported

Kathleen Eagan: 3,604, 30.1 percent

Mary Hetherington: 3,229, 27.0 percent

Tom Van Berkem: 2,890, 24.1 percent

Constance (Connie) Stevens: 2,257, 18.8 percent