Aligning your chakras in the Village at Squaw Valley |

Aligning your chakras in the Village at Squaw Valley

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“Energy is all around us. Everything vibrates,” said Sharon Freewoman during a complimentary chakra analysis at Rainbow Bridge in the Village at Squaw Valley.

Freewoman, trained in many shamanistic traditions, a Reiki master and a Celtic High Priestess, aligned of a bevy of interested patrons’ energy as a service to the community.

“Wow, I really feel that,” said Fiorella Bianchi, who works in Squaw Valley, as Freewoman aligned her chakras with a crystal singing bowl. “I can feel the vibration.”

Chakra is the Sanskrit word for “Wheel of Light,” a way to describe the energy, or vibration, that flows through all of us. It is ancient knowledge, 5,000 years old or more, that began in India and Tibet.

“It is the same system utilized throughout the East, opening the energy chi in acupuncture, in martial arts it is the force of energy a master uses,” explained Freewoman.

Why align?

According to energy-based health systems, if a person’s energy is blocked it will manifest as physical ailments. In eastern tradition, physical ailments come from our thoughts, as well. Certain personality types are related to certain illnesses.

Clearing the paths for energy to flow freely unleashes a tide of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Tools of the Trade

To align and clear the seven chakras a variety of tools may be used. Freewoman places a piece of kyanite, a stone which helps align the chakras in the hands of the beholder. She uses a pendulum to read the currents of each chakra, starting from the top, or crown chakra (see sidebar for definitions) right down to the root chakra.

Depending on how far and in what direction the pendulum swings, Freewoman can assess the health of each chakra.

Crystals are an important part in cleansing. Selenite and citrine, a form of quartz, are dispellers of negativity. Freewoman’s crystal singing bowls resonate at certain melodic notes: F aids the heart chakra, D inspires the second or creative chakra, and C centers the root chakra. These are played much like wine glasses on the dinner table, by moving around the rim with a stone or padded drumstick.

“The singing bowls are calming, relaxing,” claims Freewoman.

What now?

After being cleared and aligned, a person should live with the intention to remain clear. Like anything in the health field, it takes training and a focused effort to retain the effects. Who’s receptive? People who will change to healthier patterns of life, living with a joyous intent. Place crystals around your home, do a quick meditation with crystals to hold, and breath. Last but not least, ladies (gentlemen?) paint your toenails red. Freewoman does. It is the color of the root chakra and keeps your feet firmly on the ground.

The Chakras

Take it from the top

7 or CROWN

connection to higher power


seat of imagination, intuition, dreams


creative speech

4 or HEART

where earth and divine meet


center of being, sun


creative center, reproductive organs

1 or ROOT

grounding, physical, sex

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