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Dr. Kim Barnes returns to Pet Network in Incline Village

Carole Bernardi
Special to the Bonanza

Dr. Kim Barnes, left, with Dexter, and Heather Christianson, with Ronan.

Living at Tahoe is like living in Dog Town USA, which means having a great veterinarian is as important as having a good physician.

Dog owners demand good care, sometimes more for their pets than themselves. What's often expected (but rarely received) is an extra dose of unconditional compassion.

That's why there are vets like Dr. Kim Barnes, who has returned to her practice at Pet Network in Incline Village.

Recently, resident Heather Christianson and her English Cream Retriever "Ronan" were totally dependent on Dr. Barnes' wisdom and compassion when Ronan was diagnosed with severe pancreatic issues.

Dr. Barnes stayed with Ronan through a couple of nights during his worst episodes and followed up with a house call once released.

Consoling to pet and owner, how could you not heal with care like this? Thanks, Dr. Barnes!

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