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Letter: 2014 Science Fair a success

We would like to thank all the volunteers, IES Staff, students and their families, and SWEP (Sierra Watershed Education Partnership) for helping make the 2014 SWEP Science Fair Kickoff such a success!

The level of student engagement and excitement surrounding the two days was more than we could have asked for. As one teacher put it, you could close your eyes and hear the engagement at each science station.

Teachers, we hope you are all able to take what your students learned from the assembly and use it in your classrooms.

This assembly would not have been possible without all of our hard working volunteers, and of course, Ashley and Missy, our fantastic tie-dye scientists with SWEP! Thank you for all that you did!

Thank you Frank Espino and Michael Smith for allowing us to take over the multi-purpose room for two days. And finally, thank you to T’s Rotisserie and Starbucks for the delicious coffee and amazing burritos. Both donated to our volunteers to keep them fueled throughout the day.

Go ahead and take a look at SWEP’s website — http://4swep.org/ — to see what other great programs they offer.

Olivia Cushing

Science & Outdoor Education Coordinator

Incline Elementary School