Sunshine letter: A note of appreciation and thanks |

Sunshine letter: A note of appreciation and thanks

Two Saturdays ago, I left Home Depot with a pretty heavy load of large bags that unbeknownst to me was not balanced well. Turning onto the freeway, the whole thing gave way and a good portion of it slid off onto the road, creating a scary and dangerous situation.

Out of nowhere, help appeared in the form of a great guy I know only as “Dan” — an off duty CHP Officer for our Truckee office. Dan and another gentleman who stepped in to help, got me all squared away, reloaded my truck, and even transported some of my load back to Truckee in his vehicle. I was really in a fix, and they saved me.

I want to express my appreciation to Dan, and let the community and California Highway Patrol know just how lucky we are to have him in our midst.

To the other gentleman who quickly jumped in to assist a “lady in distress,” I¹m sorry that I didn’t get your name, but my family and I thank you as well, from the bottom of our hearts.

You guys got me back on the road and safely home. I will forever be grateful.

Best Regards and Heartfelt Thanks,

Angela Wells