Sunshine Letter | Kudos to Tahoe Forest Health System |

Sunshine Letter | Kudos to Tahoe Forest Health System

TAHOE/TRUCKEE, Calif. — Thank you from Family Engelbrecht

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the healthcare resources in our Tahoe-Truckee area as they relate to our recently deceased mother Savannah Elizabeth “Beth” Engelbrecht. Mom moved in with us in November 2012, eventually transferring to the Tahoe Forest Hospital Extended Care Center (ECC) in February 2013.

This facility is an incredible resource for patients and their families. However, it is the employees who make it a great resource. From physicians and administrators to nurses, aides and support staff, these professionals are what make this program a very special resource in our community.

When mom’s health took a turn in late February this year, we ended up utilizing other TFH departments including labs, physical therapy, radiology, respiratory, ED and ICU. Ultimately, our Tahoe Forest Hospital Hospice program stepped in with a group of the most professional, caring people we could have imagined.

Living in our rural area doesn’t mean living with second-class healthcare facilities and programs. The professionals associated with our Tahoe Forest Health System make it nothing short of world-class. Thanks to all of you for making a most difficult time a little easier. Our community is truly blessed.

The Family of Savannah Elizabeth “Beth” Engelbrecht