Sunshine Letter: To the people of the town of Truckee |

Sunshine Letter: To the people of the town of Truckee

Let me put it simply, you are to me “Bedford Falls,” thru and thru — with no Mr. Potter in sight. Where and how to thank you for making this “Christmas Wish Box” the best ever, is so hard to put into words. You are all magic elves, and you have humbled and brought me to tears by your generosity. I know that the seniors here at the Truckee Donner Apartments were treated to the best holiday season ever and very grateful for all your kindnesses.

There are some very special groups and magic elves that went over the top for us and please know you have earned your wings.

BNI and Mr. Jim Easterbrook, The Lahontan Ladies, Northstar and Truckee Fire, Sunrise and Noon Rotaries, Event Masters, Dr. Mike and the Humane Society, Lynn Lassco, Mountain Hardware, Rite-Aide and the Optimist, Gratitudes — you see it did take the town.

And then there is Mr. Joseph and his merry band of helpers from the Ritz-Carlton Tahoe, all my magical cooks, “setter uppers,” bag handlers, Bobbi Gilford, Tara and Mike, and tree decorator Jeannie, the cookie lady and crew just to name a few.

But I shall not forget Santa or Frank and Robin for the music and laughterŠno lumps of coal this yearŠexcept the concussion I got from Jesse’s cat, Charlie ChanŠI heard a bell ring.

So now I have a wish that says it best … don’t think of Christmas as just one day, make it every day and pay it forward: with a smile, hug or a cup of coffee, see what happens.

Jesse Griffin

aka, Clarence Oddbody AS-2