Sunshine letter: Unreal community support to help my fight against cancer |

Sunshine letter: Unreal community support to help my fight against cancer

We moved to Truckee in 2014 for my husband Kyle’s job as the Elementary School Principal of Kings Beach. Just a couple of months after getting here, I was diagnosed with cancer.

I didn’t know anyone, we were in the middle of renovating the little cabin we had bought, and I was waiting for my physical therapy license to transfer to California so I could begin working as well. During a very stressful time for us, we have been so impressed by the support and love of the community that we have joined.

Thank you to Dr. Reini Jensen for her compassion, and quick and accurate diagnosis. Thank you to Dr. Koppel and the Tahoe Forest Cancer Center for the wonderful care they continue to provide. To the teachers, staff, and parents of Kings Beach Elementary School students, thank you for your overwhelming kindnesses through meals, donations, cards, emails etc.

Thank you to the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District for all your support and kind thoughts. You are all so wonderful and we have been blessed by you.

Chay and Stephanie McIntosh, Beth Pescalli Hirsh, Josh and Jenn Finn, Heslin Construction, Mike Boaz, Dave Mercer, and Ace Mountain Hardware — thank you for helping us with a kitchen.

Thank you to Las Panchitas, La Mexicana, Maria Heredia, and all of the volunteers for the last day of school Kermes. You are all truly amazing. Thank you for helping me continue to fight. We hope to have the opportunity to pay your kindnesses forward and are pleased to call so many of you friends.

Sara Mohagen